Thanh-Tung Ngo (Tom)

About Me

I am currently a teaching assistant at College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), VinUniversity, Vietnam. Before that, I worked as a research assistant at VinUni-Illinois Smart Health Center (VISHC), VinUniversity, supervised by Prof. Minh Do from UIUC and Dr. Huy-Hieu Pham. Prior to VinUniversity, I obtained my M.Sc. degree and B.S.E degree (talented program - top 1% university) in Mechatronics Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology under the supervision of Dr-Ing. Xuan-Ha Nguyen.

I am looking for a Ph.D. opportunity to dig deeper into the topic of applying Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision in active SLAM.

Research Interest

My research interest is in autonomous systems such as robots, and vehicles. My research spans from algorithms (Reinforcement Learning, SLAM, Deep Learning, and Probabilistic Robotics) to hands-on developing robotic systems (ROS, electrical circuit, and 3D printing).



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In the media

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